I HATE my job! So, Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

canstockphoto100569491By, April Casqueio (Edited by, S Cooper)

Have you grown tired of working for your present company? Do your daily activities leave you feeling drained and demoralized? Do you wish you could work for someone else in another office? Do you think to yourself more often than not: “I hate my job.”

If so, these may be signs that you’re with the wrong company and possibly even in the wrong career field.

Changing jobs or even careers may be the solution to your problems, but you shouldn’t dwell on the negative while you search for a new avenue of revenue. Focusing on the things that you dislike can lead to unhealthy stress levels and unhappiness. Therefore, you should continue your job search while still trying to focus on the positive aspects of your current job. Keep in mind that your present job is what allows you to provide for yourself and your family. Another smart move could be to take some classes at your community college or a vocational school in order to increase your skills and also your opportunities.

Lastly, you of course want to keep your current job before you get a new one, as not doing so will usually make a bad situation even worse. Plus, the pressure of HAVING to find a new job could lead to taking a position that you despise even more than the one you had before!

Are you lucky to have a good job or are you just the opposite? Let us know, write a review about your job and rate your boss.


  1. freedom4all said:

    Stay and have your mind and soul sucked from you or leave and be financially destroyed? Wow! Isn’t life grand!

    January 23, 2014

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